KJT stands for "Katolická Jednotá Texaská" which means Catholic Union of Texas in the Czech language. KJT initially accepted only catholic men into the union but on Janurary 1, 1979, KJT began accepting women as well. KJT began accepting all Christians in February 2008. They are a nonprofit fraternal benefit insurance society that operates under the lodge system and has a representative form of government.

The Ganado KJT Hall property was purchased on April 14, 1938 by the Ganado KJT St. John Baptist Council #71 from Emilie (Millie) Sulak the widow of John Sulak. That year KJT Council President John Kopecky and many other KJT members purchased our Hall from Old Ocean. Each member held shares in the building which was a mercantile store. The members tore down the building piece by piece only to reconstruct it on the KJT property. Since then wings have been added for the building to grow with the community that supports and attends events there.

Over the last 74 years a lot of memories have been made in this hall. The KJT donates the hall to other non-profit oganizations for dance's, festivals, or fundraisers. The community also rents the KJT Hall for birthday parties, showers or wedding receptions. The list could go on and on. Once we became aware of the current condition of our KJT Hall, we started doing research, received pictures, and had many discussions with the elders in our community about their memories, we felt we needed to take action.

Now comes the challenging part: financing the project.

There is a lot to do. It will take time and we need your help.

Estimates have been requested for:
  • Roof Repair/Replacement
  • Electrical Work
  • Plumbing

Our immediate goal is to raise money to repair/replace the roof to prevent further damage of the KJT Hall. We are currently involved with other foundations seeking other sources of funding.

More than anything else, we need your financial support and participation. Without your help we cannot reach our goal! Please consider joining us in saving this treasure, The Ganado KJT Hall. Please donate if you can or become a sponsor. Your generous gift will be much appreciated.

We look forward to the day when this historic dance hall is restored, furnished and equipped. It then can be utilized by everyone in our community and surrounding communities as a  venue for public and private events. Your generous gift will help make that happen.

The Práce Ƶ Lásky Members