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Catholic Union of Texas, The KJT is a non-profit fraternal benefit insurance society that operates under the lodge system and has a representative form of government. The initial meeting and election of provisional officers was held in Bluff, Texas (now Hostyn) on March 24 and 25, 1889 by a group of male Czech immigrants. KJT was later incorporated under the laws of Texas on July 4, 1889 and is currently licensed and operates only in the state of Texas. The KJT Home Office is now located in La Grange, Texas.

The letters "KJT" stands for "Katolická Jednotá Texaská” which means Catholic Union of Texas in the Czech language. KJT initially accepted only catholic men into the Union but on January 1, 1979, KJT began accepting women as well. KJT began accepting all Christians in February 2008.

KJT has its own Activity and Fraternal Center located approximately 7 miles east of La Grange on Highway 71 East between Ellinger and La Grange.

KJT Ganado

1433 Loop 522 Ganado TX 77962

St. John Baptist KJT Council #71 established in Ganado on July 7, 1913.

Land was donated to the St. John Baptist Council #71 by Widowed Emilie (Millie) Sulak from the John Sulak Estate on April 14, 1938.

The Ganado KJT Hall was complete November 6, 1938

Helen Kovar Information: 361-771-3630 *The building was originally a mercantile store in Old Ocean, TX. *John Kopecky was the President of the local society *Bernice Trojak is John Kopecky’s daughter. -Francis Vesely Information: 361-771-2444 *Share holders of the St. John Baptist Council #71 purchased the hall and reconstructed it in Ganado. -Norma Liberda Information: 361-771-2374 *Norma was 8 yrs old when her dad Joe Kasper and her 3 brothers help reconstruct the hall in 1938

Práce Z Lásky

PO BOX 161
Ganado, TX 77962
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