Current hall rental rate is $300. The day prior to rental is included in that rate. However, if extra days are needed it's an additional charge of $25 per day.

If requested the cash bar can be opened. There's an additional charge of $200 for 2 security officers (4hr minimum). AND NO KEGS or COOLERS can be on the premise when the bar is OPEN. We usually open 7 or 8p.m. till 1a.m. once the party's free beverages are gone. This time is decided when the party books the date.

A $100 deposit is to be collected BEFORE the hall is booked. Cancellations must be informed 90 days prior to recieve the full $100 deposit back, otherwise no refund will be issued.

All parties must end no later than 1a.m. ALL MUSIC must be shut off @ 1a.m.

The hall has 4 AC units that run on a meter system, current rates are $5 an hour per unit which equlas $20 an hour. There is a $200 deposit for the air up front. When the party is over if all time is not used a refund of the difference will be issued. If time goes over the 10 hours that amount is due to the hall.

The renting party is responsible for cleanup (inside & outside of the building which includes the whole yard & parking lot). If arrangements are made prior to the event cleanup can be done the next day.

However, on occasion fundraisers are scheduled for Sunday lunch and the cleanup has to be completed that night.

Extra toilet paper & paper towels will need to be provided by the renter.

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